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This holiday season, we are offering a custom holiday gifting service. Whether it’s a personalised make-up gift box, a make-up workshop for next year or a gift card, we want to help you find the perfect gift for you or your loved ones that we can offer.

We help you create the perfect present for anyone seeking the transformative power of make-up in just three easy steps.

1. Schedule a free holiday gifting call with our founder Sharmila

During this free 15-minute call, Sharmila will listen to your needs and create a customized offer for a gift package.

2. Discover and decide on what your gift package will be

We offer personalised make-up gift boxes, a make-up workshop for next year or a gift card. With Sharmila, you will discover and decide which options fit you best.

3. Receive and give your customized holiday gift

When your call is done, Sharmila will start putting together your gift and send it out after payment is complete.

Shop consciously this holiday season. ✨

We want to encourage you to buy consciously this holiday season. Instead of opting for the bigger brands, choose to buy from and support small business owners.

We are a independent make-up company that's queer, trans, women and disabled owned and operated. We are community driven and try to do as much as we can to uplift our communities.

schedule a free holiday gifting call

Give the gift of make-up, joy and self-expression while supporting a queer, trans and disabled owned business.

Book a free holiday gifting call and discover the possibilities.