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If people think taking care of yourself through make-up is vain, then so be it. Let’s take that energy and turn it around. We reclaim that sh*t. We are bold, we are driven by community, and we stand strong in our beauty, diversity and, power. If you think that is vain in the negative sense of the word, that is all right. We know our power and we see the power of the people around us. We celebrate that energy. We’re VAIN Beauty.

Make-up, when used in a way that centres around the individual, can be used to create powerful experiences. With gender affirming make-up, we at VAIN Beauty help people show themselves for who they themselves have always known they are. At VAIN Beauty we work in a safe space with a focus on trans and non-binary people, but we’re open to everyone who lives by our inclusive norms and values.

We provide services and accessible products for marginalized groups looking for a place to learn about make-up, and specifically gender affirming make-up. At the same time, we give back to the community through donations, time, a platform, and our energy.

We stand up for our community; we share experience, power, and hold each other up because there is enough space for all of us to shine. We help people find the power they know they have and let it shine in whatever way they feel comfortable with.

About our founder and creative director

Sharmila Vooren

I am a disabled trans woman from the Netherlands and have been a make-up artist since 2018. After working for years in retail for brands and meeting people looking for guidance in make-up, I felt there was a need for space without judgement, exclusion or feelings of unsafety in the beauty industry. Especially for those who have been systematically marginalized, specifically those of trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming experience.

That’s why I decided to start teaching private make-up classes through my company
VAIN Beauty, specifically for LGBTQIA+ and disabled individuals. Because I experienced firsthand what it was like to find my way in make-up without someone who understands why we wear make-up and need certain guidance or tools to wear make-up in a way that brings joy. With VAIN Beauty we hope to expand these safer spaces to community events and make beauty/personal care products more accessible.

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