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Discover the transformative power of gender-affirming makeup. Our masterclasses are led by professional makeup artists and aim to empower trans, non-binary and gender non-conforming people through makeup education and community building. We also organise other events around self-expression.

Learn new skills to enhance your unique beauty. Explore makeup styles that align with your gender identity in a safe, inclusive space. Meet like-minded people and build connections. Our artists are specialised in helping you achieve techniques that affirm whatever gender you align with.

We create space for our community and always prioritise that our services remain accessible. This is why we always make 5 community spots available for free, for people from marginalized communities who are not able to afford a ticket. We also aim to offer community events that are donation-based.

Our masterclasses are open to people of all skill levels, gender identities, expressions and backgrounds. We aim to be an intentional space and always prioritise our community.

“You can book a make-up workshop just about anywhere, but discovering your authentic self is better done at Sharmila's. From the moment I stepped into her workshop, I felt an immediate connection and warmth. Besides helping me forge and see the real me, she made me feel accepted and gave me a sense of belonging. I can't recommend her enough.”

– Liora ten Brinke

“Sharmila is an excellent teacher. She took the time to answer all my questions and show us how it is done. I feel way more comfortable now to do my eye make up. I will even be buying concealer, which I thought i would never do. I love feeling more confident to express myself through make-up. ”

– Ryan Ramharak


Our closest upcoming events and masterclasses will be listed here. By clicking on an event, you'll be redirected to an external event page.

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