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“You can book a make-up workshop just about anywhere, but discovering your authentic self is better done at Sharmila's. From the moment I stepped into her workshop, I felt an immediate connection and warmth. Besides helping me forge and see the real me, she made me feel accepted and gave me a sense of belonging. I can't recommend her enough.”

– Liora ten Brinke

“I didn't have any experience with make-up yet, so I came to learn the basics. Sharmila explained me well how to apply the make-up. I liked that she let me apply it myself, instead of doing it for me, so I can also do it by myself at home. My wish was only a little bit of make-up, especially to cover my beard shadow. Maybe next time we can do some more.”

– Wouter Stap

I took this workshop as a birthday gift to myself to improve my technique and to learn more about what works for my face. The one on one session provided a welcoming and safe space to learn. And Sharmila is fantastic at explaining it in an understable manner.

– Sabine Meijer

About our founder

Hi! I am Sharmila.

I am a disabled trans woman from the Netherlands and have been a make-up artist since 2016. After working for years in retail for brands and meeting people looking for guidance in make-up, I felt there was a need for space without judgement, exclusion or feelings of unsafety in the beauty industry.

That’s why I decided to start teaching private make-up classes through my company VAIN Beauty, specifically for LGBTQIA+ and disabled individuals. Because I experienced firsthand what it was like to find my way in make-up without someone who understands why we wear make-up and need certain guidance or tools to wear make-up in a way that brings joy.

Who is it for?

- People looking for personal help with make-up routine or look, without beauty standards or judgement
- People looking for a safer space to learn about and find products
- Trans, queer, non-binary, gender-nonconforming and gender searching individuals (not exclusively)
- People looking to find joy and confidence in make-up, no matter the skill level or ability

What we offer:

- A safer, joyful space to learn and play with make-up, without judgement.
- Personalised make-up workshop, tailored to your skill level, ability and wishes.
- Personal shopping service to help find products that work best for you and what you want to achieve.
- Step-by-step personalised guide of everything covered in workshop including extra tips and product list.
- Contact point to ask additional questions about self- and gender expression, including resources.

What you get out of this workshop:

- More knowledge and understanding of how make-up works for you
- A solid foundation to build and expand your own routine
- Custom-fit steps and product options that you can always fall back on
- More confidence in make-up skill and ability, therefore boosting overall confidence
- Point of contact for all your make-up and self-expression questions

Book a free make-up discovery call

Book a free 15-minute call with our founder Sharmila to discover which options fit best for you.